Visiting the Church

The church is open daily. Come and experience a place which has been prayed in for many many years. Take a moment to pause, enjoy the peaceful surroundings and bask in a special environment.

History 5 things to know about  Holy Cross Church
Fact 1
Although it is believed there was a chapel in Mark as early as 1176, one of the earliest references to there being a church here appears in about 1265, when the new Mark Church was said to be ‘recently’ consecrated. The Church was dedicated by William, Bishop of Bath and Wells in April 1268 as “The Church of the Holy Cross”

Fact 2
In 1853 the Church was dedicated to St Mark but reverted to the earlier dedication in 1939. The niche above the main porch contains a figure of what must be St Mark with his attribute of the lion (in fact there are two of them!).

Fact 3
The Church clock was installed in 1887 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Jubilee and now has an electrical winding system.

Fact 4
The remarkable and beautifully carved Four Evangelists in the Choir, were originally in Bruges Cathedral.

Fact 5
The North Aisle Roof is quite magnificent woodwork with Tudor carvings, while the main Nave Barrel Roof features many heads of Abbots, Saints and Bishops including King Alfred and his wife, most of which date back to the 14th century.