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Upcoming Events and News

Welcome to The Benefice of The Huntspills and Mark.

Whilst we are delighted that Government regulations have ended, we have a responsibility to keep people safe.  The following will remain in place in our Church buildings: –

  • Hand Sanitising
  • Track and Trace listing – (details kept for 21 days and then destroyed)
  • Opportunity and encouragement for people to socially distance
  • Masks to be worn on entering/leaving Church and if walking around.
  • If you wish, masks may be removed when you are seated.
  • Singing is allowed, masks to be worn when singing.
  • No physical sharing of the peace.
  • No sharing of wine/chalice.
  • Hand sanitising before sharing of the bread.

We will be delighted for you to join us for worship however only come if it is safe for you to do so.

In addition to the schedule of events shown on the right, you can find further details about upcoming events below and a monthly calendar at the bottom of this page.

Monthly recordings of services held throughout the Benefice are available via our Video & Zoom page.

As we explore ways of continuing with this exciting new media, there will be a ‘Faith in Focus‘ Zoom gatherings the 2nd Thursday of the month. Join for a chat and a coffee ‘bring your own’ Zoom link.

If you are looking for social events planned for the year ahead visit our Social Calendar page

Why not check out our Gallery page for a snap shot of village life

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Social Events and Special Services

We are gradually restarting our social events. Please see Social Calendar  page for more up coming events. We look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Why not check out our Gallery page   and discover all the exciting things that have happened over the years.

Harvest Festival this year is 10th October, this will be a busy weekend as we have our Demo on the 9th.  Please ladies let me know if you are unable to do your flowers in church for the 10th October. Thank you Heather Popham [email protected]

United Benefice Holy Communion Service, Sunday 31st October 10am East Huntspill Church

All Souls Service, 3pm Sunday 31st October Mark Church


Advent Calendar 2021

We would like to run the Village Advent Calendar again this year to raise money to repair the roof on the North side. Emma has agreed to help with the map again, but we are looking for someone to help us organise, it this year. Please contact me [email protected]

Please also let me have the dates you wish to reveal your Window/house/garden lights etc., Heather Popham

Calling all crafty people

We are still hoping to have a cascade of Poppies from the church tower for Remembrance Day. If anyone is willing to knit or crochet some more red poppies for this November, please contact me for patterns or red wool.

On the same line, if you would prefer to knit or crochet flowers in any colours, we are hoping to do a cascade for the Queen’s Jubilee next year. Please contact me for more details. Heather 01278 641225.

Open Gardens in Mark 2022

Next year, in late June or early July 2022, we are hoping to organise an Open Gardens Day to raise funds for the Church of the Holy Cross, Mark.  Money raised will go towards the back of church project to replace and update the kitchen and toilet facilities.

If anyone is interested in opening their garden; help with organising the event; making cakes and serving teas at one or two gardens on the day, please contact either Heather or Joan.

Please ring Heather on 641225 or email: [email protected] or Joan on 641625 or email: [email protected]

Coffee morning every Wednesday10:30 onwards Holy Cross Church MarkMark Church Coffee Morning!

Please come along either to chat and make friends or simply to enjoy the church. Open to everyone. Donations welcome.

Every Wednesday coffee, tea and home made cakes are served in the church 10.30a.m. – 12 noon. A warm welcome to any newcomers – it is an informal gathering usually 15 – 25 people having coffee and a chat. 

Do come along. If you need a lift to get there please give me a ring Carol on 641345. Government Covid guidelines will apply.

Living in Love and Faith

The Benefice of The Huntspill and Mark logoThe ‘Living in Love & Faith’ course aims to help Christians think deeply about what it means to be human.  It provides a structured and accessible way for local groups to engage in and reflect on identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage.

Each of the five sessions explores one key topic, with an opening reflection about learning together, followed by teaching, time for discussion and Bible study.  The sessions end with an invitation to reflect on our learning, bringing it to God in prayer. 

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have commended this course to us: ‘It is about going deeper with each other and with God.  Our hope is that as we engage with it together across the church, we will learn to live more fully in the way of Christ – in love and faith’.  Our three Parochial Church Councils have each already adopted the ‘Pastoral Principles for living well together’ that have been promoted to support this work:  (i) acknowledge prejudice,  (ii) speak into silence,  (iii) address ignorance,  (iv) cast our fear,  (v) admit hypocrisy, and (vi) pay attention to power.  With these as our firm foundation we look forward to exploring safely and positively together.

Come and join others from across the United Benefice of The Huntspills & Mark as we tackle these sensitive and complex issues together through this informative, thoughtful, challenging and engaging course, and then offer our own contributions to the national debate.

Session 1 ‘Learning Together’ will be held at Holy Cross Church, Mark starting at 7pm on Wednesday 8th September 2021.

Session 2 – 7pm Wednesday 29th September at St Peter & All Hallows Church West Hunstpill

Session 3 – 7pm Wednesday 13th October at All Saints Church, East Huntspill

Session 4 – 7pm Wednesday 24th November at Holy Cross Church, Mark

Session 5 – 7pm Wednesday 1st December location tbc

The entire course is available on the Living in Love & Faith website (via Living in Love and Faith | The Church of England) so can be engaged with individually or in groups, and if you miss any of our sessions you catch up via the website.

Do come and join us if you can! (further details available from Rev Chris).

Looking forward to all that lies ahead,

Rev Chris  (781147)

Meet Reverend Chris and the Team

Revd Chris JudsonWe welcome  Reverend Christine Judson as Rector of the Benefice of The Huntspills and Mark.

Why not find out all about her as well as the rest of the Team as well as her latest blog.

Reverend Chris and the Team   

Why not read Rev Chris’ latest blog?


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